Home Staging creates a space that a buyer can visualize themselves living in; it is about showing your home at its full potential. 

Less than 5% of the buyers can visualize a room in a manner other than what they see in front of them. Plus, buying a home is emotional. People decide on a house within eleven seconds of entering the front door!

You want the buyer to immediately think "this is my home, I can see myself living here." 

Home Staging helps stir the appropriate emotion so let's look at my Top Ten List of key items to getting your home ready for sale. Let's get ready to STAGE!

1) Curb Appeal:

A buyer may not get out of the car if they don't like what they see. Cut the grass, shovel the snow, brush down the cob webs, make repairs, and painting the front door are just a few of the things that need to be done.    Curb Appeal

 2) First Impressions Only Happen Once:

Take a critical look inside the entryway and all the rooms you can see from the entryway. This is where you need to start to create a "wow" factor to make them want to keep looking further. 

3) Declutter:

Yes the dreaded 'D' word. Let the buyer see your  home, not your things. You are not selling  your things. This does not mean having no artwork or accessories. Both are key to setting the tone of the hoe and drawing your eye to key features. 

4) Furniture Placement:

Every room has a focal point Furniture enhances the focal point as well as sets traffic patterns. The placement of the furniture can make a room look too small or too odd.  Correct arrangement is critical. 

Purple Wall Color 5) Paint:

Paint is the key emotional piece of selling a home. An incorrect color can make or break a sale. Yes believe it or not people will not buy a home because of paint color. And neutral paint does NOT mean white!


 That got you started with what you need to do to Start Setting the Stage for selling your home. Watch for my next blog post to see the next five tips! 

 Shar Sitter, owner Rooms With Style Home Staging and Redesign Minneapolis MN.

CHSE and APSD Home Stager Pro Trainer



About Shar Sitter

Shar is an award winning Designer and Home Stager and the owner of 'Rooms With Style' and the 'Certified Staging and Redesign Acadamy.' She has been in the design industry for over 25 years and her background includes studies in Interior Design as well as Horticulture to assist with your home’s curb appeal. Shar has a talent for taking simple things; placing them in their best light and making them shine. Another Sharlene from North Dakota, Shar and Sharlene knew they were destined to work together when they first met! She has been blogging here and helping bring out the best in the homes of Sharlene's sellers since 2011.

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