This Golden Valley house was built in 1982 specifically to conserve energy. It features many of the same things associated with 'green' buildings today, and reflects considerable energy savings… the total energy bill for this 2,200+ sq ft all-electric home was only $1,824 for all of 2013!

130 King Creek - back1

What makes it 'green'…

  • Passive Solar Energy
    • The length of the house and most windows face south for heat gain from the sun
    • The garage is on the northwest corner to block prevailing winds
    • The gambrel roof and evergreen trees on both the north and south sides block or reduce the wind to decrease wind chill on the house to save energy
    • The air lock entry reduces heat loss
    • The split entry design maximizes liveable space volume with minimum surface exposure to the elements
    • The straight roof line minimizes roof surface exposure to the elements and eliminates potential for ice dams and other issues which could arise with dormers and valleys of other roof styles
  • Super Insulated
    • Under the basement floor is 2" blue styrfoam and 6 mil poly
    • The basement walls are 12 inches thick with 2" blue styrofoam on the outside
    • On the inside, against the lower concrete block wall, is a 2 x 4 wall with 3 1/2 inch fiberglass
    • Above ground level, the wall becomes two walls, with 2 x 6s and 6" fiberglass insulation on the outside plus the 3 1/2" wall that continues up from the lower level
  • Basement in-floor hot water heat 
    • Dual water heating tubes run through the basement floor about 1 foot apart, the entire length of the house
  • Optional solar assisted heating
    • Solar panels to assist heating of hot water and basement floor water heating system
    • Water can also be heated electrically
    • Also has split-system air conditioner/heat pump
  • Energy-efficient windows and patio door
  • Plus… extra insulation, extra roof vents, energy efficient water heater, water-efficient toilet

Today, green building means designing, siting and constructing a home to maximize the way it uses energy, water, and materials to provide a healthy living environment.

If you are interested in purchasing an existing 'green' home, call or text me at 612-419-0560 to schedule a showing of 130 King Creek Road in Golden Valley, Minnesota.

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