On a beautiful Saturday, walking casually through the Loring Greenway near Downtown Minneapolis we happen upon a real gem.  We found the French Corner Bistro & Bakery behind a non-descript facade that gave no hint of the delights behind the ordinary doors.  


We suspect the west end of Hennepin Avenue is very busy during the week but is very quiet on the weekend.  This gave us a chance to slow down and discover new things.   So we pretty much happened upon this wonderful food emporium that nearly hides from passersby as it sits across from Westminster Presbyterian Church on Hennepin Avenue.

This bakery that is a bit of Paris in Minneapolis has a friendly "neighborhood" atmosphere and serves some very creative and tasty pastries and other French delights. You'll wish to eat many of their tempting offerings, so make plans for more than one journey to this bistro.

Homes for sale in downtown Minneapolis in this area.

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