Considering a kitchen remodel? According to surveys released by Houzz and the National Kitchen & Bath Association, here is what's hot… good trends to keep in mind for resale as well as your own enjoyment…

1. Professional grade range – a stove with options such as a flat griddle or cooktop to accommodate a searing pan or a wok topped kitchen wish lists… I know I see 5-burner ranges becoming more and more common, and while a buyer won't typically buy a house because of the range every little bit they notice and like adds up in your favor if you are selling

2. Eco-friendly features – includes things like Energy Star appliances and recycling bins

3. Granite and quartz countertops – granite still tops wish lists, but quartz is gaining ground because they are more resistant to stains and scratches and easy to take care of

4. Tile backsplashes – backsplashes are becoming the jewelry of the kitchen, with tile topping the list of preferred materials… there are so many choices this can be the hardest decision of all… keep in mind the backsplash probably dates your kitchen more than anything

5. Floors – while hardwood came in first, tile took a strong second place

6. Stainless steel – a majority still favor stainless steel, but some homeowners are now combining appliance finishes (such as black and stainless steel)

7. Islands – islands are still popular but not a must… homeowners are more likely to look at the overall plan and won't squeeze it in if it doesn't fit well

8. Transitional style – a blend of traditional and contemporary styles has grown in popularity

9. White cabinets – white is back, with a 73% increase in preference over last year… this year 67% of those planning a kitchen remodel selected white as their top color choice

10. Gray color schemes – grays are coming on strong, noticeably jumping in preference over the last three years

Bottom line is, people want simple, clean unfussy kitchens. Even if you are remodeling for yourself now, keep in mind that at some point it will be for someone else.

Sharlene Hensrud, RE/MAX Results – EmailMinneapolis-St. Paul Realtor


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