Home buyers had a challenging time this year because of low inventory and bidding wars. Those who haven't been successful  are hoping for better luck this holiday and winter season, according to a recent survey by realtor.com… and yes, winter is coming!

For sale-snow

The top three advantages for buying in the holiday and winter season are…

  • Motivated sellers
  • Better prices
  • Less competition

Still, fewer buyers look in the holiday and winter season because let's face it…

  • They have better things to do than hunt for houses
  • Ice, snow and cold make winter house hunting less pleasant
  • Then there is lack of light after about 5:00, making evening showings after work difficult
  • And the supply of homes for sale is even lower in the winter months

That said, if you are a buyer and you find a home that is right for you it can be the best time of year to buy. Don't give up until spring just because snow is coming… if you make an offer soon you could even move in by Christmas or New Year's!

Sharlene Hensrud, RE/MAX Results – EmailBuyer's Agent


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