Many people want to stay in their current homes as long as possible and age in place. Sometimes major home renovations may be required, but here are some inexpensive tips to improve the safety of your home.


  • Bathroom grab barsanchor grab bars into the wall in your bathroom… you can get ones that are more stylish these days, could even potentially use as a towel bar
  • Non-skid safety strips – add non-skid safety strips to your tub or shower to use instead of a removable bath mat
  • Flooring – carpet reduces tripping and cushions falls, but if you have area rugs be sure they are secured to the floor so they don't slip
  • Double handrails – handrails on boths walls of stairways can improve stability
  • Footwear – avoid wearing only socks or soft slippers, non-slip shoes can help prevent falls
  • Quality step ladder – get a broad-based heavy-duty step ladder with a hand-hold bar across the top to safely reach items stored out of reach
  • Lighting – better lighting can help prevent falls and make reading, hobbies easier; think higher wattage, 'daylight' instead of 'soft' lighting, motion-activated night lights

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