Grade a+In March 2011 I did a post on How Minnesota Ranks… tells a lot about us based on information compiled by Minnesota Monthly, the magazine of Minnesota Public Radio. Their December 2012 issue has an update on how we ranked in health, happiness, work, fun and love this year.

Below is a summary by rank.

1 – Highest average credit score – healthiest, fittest city

2 – Best cycling city – worst city for renters – infrastructure and transportation

3 – Best places to live - worst cities for dating – best city for 20-somethings – most literate city

4 – Number of appearances in David Letterman's top 10 list

5 – Quality of life

6 – Least fashionable city, St. Paul

7 – Least fashionable city, Minneapolis – gayest city in America

10 – America's best cities, St. Paul

11 – Per capita income

12 – America's best cities, Minneapolis – America's hippest hippster neighborhood

17 – High-tech metros

40 – Manliest city – unemployment rate

50 - Most stressful cities

I for one am pretty proud that we rank #40 in unemployment rate and at the bottom of most stressful cities… #50 sounds like a good place to be!

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