Downsizing… planning your move

Move-measureIt's relatively easy to move from a small space to a larger one… much more difficult when you are downsizing to a smaller space. In a downsizing move, the focus becomes making the space functional for how you actually live rather than on how to furnish the space.

There are many reasons people downsize… money, empty nest, location, lifestyle or relationship changes, a desire to simplify your life, etc. Whatever the reason, it can be a liberating opportunity to almost start over.

Here are a few tips to help plan your move…

  • Purge as much as you can in advance
    • Sell, donate, toss, recycle… repeat as many times as necessary!
    • Get rid of things you don't love, won't need or won't have room for
  • Take accurate measurements of your new space
    • Decide what furniture will fit to move with you
    • Buy new things as needed to make the best use of your new space
  • Get creative to maximize space
    • Use vertical bookcases and cabinets
    • Choose end tables, etc that double as storage space
    • Consider a love seat instead of a full-size sofa
    • Consider switching from a king size bed to a queen
    • Use under bed storage
    • Install closet systems to fit your needs
    • Think of spaces in new ways
      • Turn a small closet into a bar
      • Carve out a small office on a landing or in a closet
      • Remove low ceilings to give more volume and space
    • Use a trunk or chest at the end of your bed for additional storage
    • Hang a flat screen TV on the wall
    • Avoid rocking chairs that require a lot of clearance space
    • Get multi-functional and use the same space as an office, playroom, guest room, etc

Living in a smaller space allows you to clear clutter and decide what is really important to you… with side benefits of saving money, energy and time to spend with those important to you.

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I love what I do! Highly insightful, analytical and creative, there is nothing I love more than helping you find the right solution for your real estate transition. My mission is to serve my clients with honesty and integrity, exceeding their expectations in service and support… and to help others by donating a portion of every transaction to Habitat for Humanity.

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  1. Moving lesser items is a wise decision that you made. It just not save only the space but also saves your extra cost of moving that you have to spent on moving these unnecessary items.

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