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New Brighton's Windsor Green was the first owner-occupied townhome complex in Minnesota and it was carefully designed to be an enticing reason to transition from a house. With spacious units of several different designs, 34 acres of beautiful, park-like grounds, 2 swimming pools, tennis courts, meandering paths and Silver Lake and Silverwood regional park across the street it has a feeling of owning your home in a resort setting where everything outside is taken care of for you.


But I learned that Windsor Green is much more than that from Lisa, an East-coast transplant who moved to the Twin Cities 4 years ago and bought a unit in Windsor Green just a few months ago. She contacted me to share her experiences after learning I just listed a unit for sale in Windsor Green.

Although Minnesota is known for 'Minnesota nice', we are also known as being a hard place for 'outsiders' to break into community. Lisa experienced that first hand in her first four years here… but she has already built such strong community ties since buying in Windsor Green last October that she felt compelled to share her story.

In moving to Windsor Green, I've struck gold in terms of landing in a really close-knit community!  I can't say enough good things about it – and it'd be tough for an MLS listing to capture it.  That's why I'm writing you.  I didn't know all this existed til I actually started living here.  I think you may run into potential buyers like me looking for a community like this – especially those who live alone or are transplanted from other places.  So you may find this information useful for them.

Here are examples of what I mean by community:

On a Friday night each month, we have monthly dinners done by a group called "Women Who Cook" of Windsor Green.  In December, I was invited to go Xmas caroling to the homes of other newcomers and housebound seniors in our community.  My neighbors, who have lived here 40 years, really watch out for me – they kid with me that I'm just another one of their kids.  :)  They told me to turn on my outside light when the front lights in our development went out one night (I hadn't even noticed).  They threw me a welcome potluck party inviting our whole alley over when I moved in.  They also watch my cat and they even shoveled snow from my garage when I was away on travel.  I can't say enough good things – honestly I feel like I've won the lottery after finding it so hard to make friends in Minnesota where natives have very strong social ties dating back to grade school.  I've developed a website and workshops about my experiences trying to connect with people in the Twin Cities - it was much more challenging before moving to Windsor Green.

I never really felt Minnesota was home til I landed at Windsor Green - now I couldn't be happier!  I have wonderful neighbors, a large townhouse great for entertaining, beautiful grounds with tons of trees, walking paths, 3 ponds, tennis courts and two pools.  The development has singles, families, retirees – a nice mix.  People I've met here are from all over the US plus France, Japan and India – it's wonderful!   At a recent Women Who Cook dinner, we talked about the influence of British rule on India – we had a woman from Bombay speaking from firsthand experience.  Right after that, I took a neighbor to SuperTarget in Fridley, we ran into another neighbor's son, I introduced them, and they started talking Japanese together – it was really fun to see that – probably not a typical occurrence at the Fridley Target.  :)   

If I had known how great this move would be, I would have bought here a long time ago.  If you come across a client interested in a strong feeling of community, wonderful neighbors, lots of trees, and walking paths and beautiful grounds, I'd be happy to talk to them about my experiences because I'm lucky to live in a really unique place.  I wish someone had told me what I'm sharing with you!

What is so interesting is that I have heard similar stories from clients settling into other communities as well. There are neighborhoods with strong community ties located throughout the Twin Cities, although each one has its own unique feel. I would love to help you find the right neighborhood fit for you!

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