Edina's Convention Grill, near the corner of France Avenue and Sunnyside Road next to Minneapolis' Linden Hills neighborhood, is an old-fashioned family diner. It has a short menu of mostly delicious, artery-clogging burgers, skin-on fries, and authentic malts and shakes served with the metal canisters… but its chicken noodle soup, egg salad and meat loaf sandwiches, and cesar salad with anchovies are also worth checking out if you're not in the mood for a burger. 


This neighborhood fixture been there since 1934, and the small room as you enter feels like it was probably the original tiny community diner… with the busy grill still open to the crowd waiting for a table in the adjacent dining room. They don't take reservations and are typically busy at dinner time so expect a wait, but they go amazingly fast for how many they serve.

It attracts people of all ages including many families and groups and noise levels are often at high decibels. Just don't go expecting to carry on an intimate conversation… unless you plan to text back and forth!

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