Snow-leaf This past week saw a dramatic shift in our Twin Cities sense of place… from idyllic, crisp fall days to snow! I was actually out showing houses in the thick of the 7-10 inches of snow coming down on Saturday morning… my car was covered with snow after each stop!

The other dramatic shift this week was the shift from Daylight Savings Time back to Central Standard Time. This means that sunset now comes between 4:30 and 5:00 pm and we still have another month to go before getting to the shortest day of the year! It creates a whole different feeling… and places even more importance on turning on your lights for showings if you are selling your home.

It means that if anyone looks at your home after a traditional work day it will already be dark outside. Below is an example of a home I showed… our welcome was the photo below on the left. At least there was a 'FOR SALE' sign out front which helped find it… forget about reading house numbers. It was good I brought my flashlight along so I could see to open the lockbox, get the key and open the door… all without tripping on the front steps!


This house was vacant so I expected it to be fairly dark, but if you are still living in your home and you have a night showing turn on your lights to welcome your prospective buyers… it can make a huge difference in how they feel about your home. A lighted house feels warm and inviting.

To give credit to the house above they did have a light in the living room on a timer… unfortunately, it was burned out… why the window on the left is still dark even with the lights turned on. In winter you don't have to worry about mowing the lawn and tending plants for curb appeal… focus shifts instead to shoveling snow and turning on the lights.

Get in the habit of turning on your front outside lights and leaving strategic lights on in your home when you leave in the morning in case you get a request during the day for a showing before you will be home.

Did you know that people search with their minds but usually buy with their hearts? Serious property searches rarely include properties that don't make sense in price and basic needs so personal visits are to find what 'feels' right. If your house is lit and welcoming it can give you an edge over those that aren't… they may feel better about it before they even step through the front door!

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I love what I do! Highly insightful, analytical and creative, there is nothing I love more than helping you find the right solution for your real estate transition. My mission is to serve my clients with honesty and integrity, exceeding their expectations in service and support… and to help others by donating a portion of every transaction to Habitat for Humanity.

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