Condo1 If you are buying a condo and plan to use FHA or VA financing, the complex must be an FHA or VA approved condominium project. If the project is not approved, you will need to use conventional or other alternative financing.

Sooo… how do you know if a condo is approved for FHA or VA financing? how do you find those that are approved?

MLS listings are supposed to indicate whether or not a complex is approved for these types of financing, but I find the info is often inaccurate… and if you are doing your own online searching this info is not usually available at all, regardless of accuracy.

You can check specific condo complexes or get lists of approved complexes in a particular area by following the links below.

Check here for FHA approved condominium projects…

Check here for VA approved condominium projects…

Other potential condominium project requirements for getting financing approval (check with your lender for current requirements for your financing!!)…

  • Maximum of 10% of units owned by one investor
  • No more than 15% of units delinquent on HOA dues
  • Minimum 51% of units used as a primary or second/vacation home
  • Could require maximum 30% rental units
  • FHA concentration has not been exceeded
  • No law suits against developer
  • Any circumstances or conditions that might have an adverse effect on the project/complex
  • Proper insurance, including 100% replacement coverage for common areas
  • Need special approval if more than 20% used for commercial purposes

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