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Nine Mile Creek is actually 15 miles long and winds through several neighboring cities, but today we are visiting the stretch that winds through central Bloomington's Moir and Central Parks in a beautiful wooded valley on its final leg to the Minnesota River.

Bloomington Parks

This part of the creek has a walking trail only, cradled in a lush valley below street level… you could easily drive over it without even knowing it was there. The trail has several bridges that criss-cross back and forth over the creek, with trails paved north of 106th and chipped rock bordering the babbling brook south from there to the river. There is a small parking lot by the steps down to the creek at 106th Street and Morgan… but pay attention because it can be easy to miss.

When I visited a couple days ago I saw people and dogs of all ages, sizes and shapes out enjoying the trail… it feels like you are miles from the city!

Bloomington, Minnesota, is the third largest city in the Twin Cities metro area and has more jobs per capita than either Minneapolis or St. Paul. It also has an extensive park system, with about 1/3 of its land devoted to city and regional parks, playgrounds and open space. (MAP) The east side of the city is home of the Mall of America and Minnesota National Wildlife Refuge. This part of the city has traditional streets lined with 1950's single family homes… and the western area was mostly developed later, with more winding streets, rolling hills, lakes and larger homes.


Bloomington Parks 

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