A few weeks ago, I mentioned that we were working 0n a Condo in Crystal.  The Home Owner is meticulous and was such fun to work with!  I wanted to share the transformation of her home.

Here are the before and after shots of her kitchen.  She re-painted the cabinets and we installed a backsplash.  We talked about replacing the countertop, but it is easier and less mess to put in a ceramic tile backsplash.  She also decided to upgrade her stove/oven:

Annkitb4  Annekit

This took a couple of days to do and what a difference!

Here's the living room.  While I'd love to take credit for some of the change, a big part of the reason that it looks so much different is the picture!

Annliv2 Anneliv 

Of course, I'm a true believer in staging and I think this shows what the combination of staging and pictures can do for the sale of a home.  This is a great Condo and I'm sure it's going to sell!

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