We've been working on a home in Crystal for the past months or so.  The Owners have passed away and the daughter (who lives in Washington) needed help getting it market ready.  Since we specialize in this type of situation, she called us in and I gave her advice on what I thought should be done to the home. 

It had been unoccupied for awhile, so it needed to be cleaned out and then we could make a few updates and get it on the market.  Once the cleaning was done, she called me over because the roof was leaking through the ceilings.  Turns out there was 14 inches of ice build up on the roof!  Once the roof and ceilings were repaired, it needed to have a small amount of mold remediation (from the leaking over a period of time). 

So, now we could focus on the interior.  The entire house was repainted, new flooring installed, a beautiful wood floor uncovered and cleaned, new lights and a new sink installed, all new appliances, new trim and a new shower in the basement bath.  Plus, a new concrete driveway, some landscaping, mowing, flower planting, exterior painting etc., to freshen it up.   It looked beautiful!!!

Time for clean up, staging and finally getting it up for sale!


We went there last Monday to complete the final very small punchlist of items so the Realtor could list it.  On Saturday night, during the storm, a very large tree in the back yard was hit by lightening!  The tree knocked out the transformer from the house and all power.  

Crystal tree 
None of this brush belongs where you're seeing it now!  Plus, it takes up more than 50% of a nice size backyard!  On top of that, a couple of tree Companies are either too busy or said it's too big of a job to do!  But…..our wonderful Electrician knew a great Company that does just this.  The electricity will be restored by Monday, and the tree debris will be gone within the week. And while I'm sure our Client in Washington was sad to hear about this latest development, we're all thrilled that the tree fell sideways in to (mostly) the yard….and not someone's house!

HOPEFULLY, we can go back to our little punchlist and get this house on the market and SOLD!

Jeri Pischke, Tender Heart Transitions – Email - Website

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