Kitchen-remodel3 Clients contacted me recently to invite me to stop by and see some updates they have done… so I stopped by yesterday afternoon. They had beautifully updated their kitchen, including a new hardwood floor (the real deal, not laminate!), countertops and cabinets.

I noticed the solid surface countertop right away… it had a granite look, but wasn't a granite slab… it reminded me of quartz countertops (Cambria, Silestone…) but it wasn't that either… it was Trend Stone from Granite Transformations, a combination of granite, stone and quartz. You may already know about this product, but it was new to me and I was impressed so had to write about it… both so I could share, and also remember it!

Granite Transformations countertops are eco-friendly because they use 72% recycled materials, scraps that would go to landfills. They make other products as well, but their Trend Stone countertops are about 95% natural granite sealed with epoxy and resin. The result is a countertop that is heat, stain and scratch resistent… you can even chop right on the surface without damaging it. The other unique feature of this product is that transformation countertops can be applied as 'slipcovers' to existing counters or sub countertops, making installation quick and easy… and again conserving resources. 

The last piece of this kitchen update which was both eco-friendly and budget-friendly was the cabinets. They were neither replaced nor wrapped… the wood was reconditioned (Kitchen Tune-Up) and new faces and pull-outs were added, resulting in a new kitchen that is both beautiful and more functional.

These homeowners aren't planning on moving any time soon… but they are wisely updating their home so they can enjoy it while preparing it for the next owner as well!

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