We clean out homes and do remodeling, so we often have quite a bit of "stuff" to throw out.  We've used dumpsters and they're great….but sometimes you don't have enough to fill one up and they're pretty expensive.  Costs can run from $400 – $600 for a 20 yard dumpster.  (We did have one house that took 13 dumpsters, but that's another story).

Lately, we've been using "Bagsters".  What a GREAT idea if you have things to toss or are working on remodeling, but just don't have a dumpsters worth to throw. 

Here's the link to the Bagster site:  http://www.thebagster.com/index.aspx 

All you do is purchase the "Bag", fill it up, put it at the end of your driveway and call for pick up!  The Bags can be purchased at Home Depot, Menards, Do It Best, many local hardware stores and even Amazon!  They are about $29.95.  The ones we buy are 3 cubic yards and hold 606 gallons of debris…up to 3,300 pounds.  They're 8' long by 4' wide and 2.6' tall.  They're great for remodeling projects and just plain cleaning out.


After you fill the Bagster up, you call Waste Management (1-877-789-BAGS (2247)) or go on line to schedule pick up.  They pick up Monday – Fridays, the cost is about $85 – $99, including all fees.  So with everything included, it will cost about $130 or so for this method of disposal.

There are restrictions to what you can put in them.  You cannot dispose of any toxic or hazardous materials, chemicals, electronics etc.  And some areas do not allow yard waste.  So check the website to see if it works for you, what they will take and if they cover your area.

It's just a great cost effective way to clean out without having to pay for a full dumpster.

Jeri Pischke, Tender Heart Transitions – Email - Website

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