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Foshay Tower
There is something about the Foshay Tower that makes me think of the romance associated with the Empire State Building. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that they are the two tallest concrete skyscrapers… both built in the romantic Art Deco style… built just two years apart, The Foshay in 1929 and the Empire State in 1931… and both historic icons.

Historic foshay2a The Foshay Tower was the lifelong dream of Wilbur Foshay, designed as a scale replica of the Washington Monument inspired by a visit to Washington, DC as a teenager. He had it constructed to house both his business and residence, with his private suite on the 27th and 28th floors of the 32-floor building.

Historic foshay1When the building opened he sponsored a huge three-day celebration, with 25,000 guests and all-expenses paid trips provided to cabinet members, senators and congressmen. He even commissioned John Philip Sousa to write a march specifically for the occasion.

Unfortunately, Foshay's timing couldn't have been worse because the stock market crashed just a few months later and he lost everything. However, his legacy remains in the landmark FOSHAY which bears his name.

Foshay 1Now the 16th tallest building in Minneapolis, it seems hard to believe it remained the tallest building in the city for over 40 years… until the IDS tower was built in 1972.

The Foshay now has the only public observation deck in Minneapolis and it also houses a small but interesting museum. Although it is isn't the highest point in the city in some ways it is almost more interesting to be surrounded by the tallest buildings in the city… sort of like being among the tree-tops.

Converted to the hotel W Minneapolis – The Foshay in 2008, the original Art Deco elevator doors remain, and Wilbur Foshay's former office and boardroom are now home to the Prohibition bar with sky-high views.

Foshay-elevator1 Click here to see homes currently for sale in the area around The Foshay at 821 Marquette & 9th Street in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota. Please be patient while the link searches for the most current listings…click on the map to zoom in until you see icons on the dots, then pass your cursor over them for property information, click for property details. 

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