Coffeeshop1 Is your ideal neighborhood a walkable one? One with cafes, markets, transit, parks & trails nearby? I recently read an article which talked about how "New Urbanism" is creating  human-scale communities as a reaction to urban sprawl. This particular article talked about how these communities will be in high demand as our population ages… specifically talking about aging in place. 

Interesting… I work with people in all stages of life, and I find these same elements more and more central to defining my clients sense of place regardless of age. Sidewalks, front porches, neighborhood coffee shops, markets within walking distance are all key. Much along the lines of old European cities, these neighborhoods are walkable, transit-oriented, have integrated mixed-use housing, and a diversity of ages… all helping create human community.

I often recommend that buyers get out of the car and walk neighborhoods they are considering… there is no better way to get a sense of the community. If you are curious about how a location rates in walkability, or would like to compare locations, is a fun site. It pulls up restaurants, shopping, services, schools, librairies, parks, transit, etc around a specific address to come up with a walk score from 1 to 100. It isn't totally accurate and it doesn't take trails into account, but it's still interesting and can help you see what is nearby if you don't know an area well.

Where is HomesMSP will begin exploring communities and neighborhoods soon. Let me know if you have a neighborhood you would like me to cover!

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