I was reading some information from the Staging Association I belong to, regarding valuables you may have in your home when it's up for sale.

While I always try and think the best about people, there are some that would take advantage of a situation and thefts could occur during showings.  So, I tell my Clients that it's important to put away all valuables when you prepare your home for sale. 

KeysTypically, I've always thought about jewelry and portable electronics etc.  But the article also mentioned prescription drugs, financial documents, spare keys and mail that may contain financial information. 

Also, don't leave your brief case, cell phone or laptop in plain view. And, make sure your teenagers put away their electronics.

During an open house, Realtors are trained to ensure all doors and windows are locked before leaving a property.  But, Home Sellers should do the same upon returning after an open house.

Maybe I'm being pessimistic, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

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