This moving tribute to those lost was created by Dale Larsen, a California photographer who also happens to be the brother of Beata Rydeen, the life transitions coach who posts on this blog.

In Dale's own words…

Three years ago, I visited a memorial in Lafayette, CA, that was created to remember the boys and girls that were killed in the Iraq/Afghanistan war. There was a sign at the top of the hill with 3211 written on it.  That was the number of Americans killed in the conflict as of that day.

This morning it was blustery and raining and then then skies cleared, so I took my grandson Andrew, who was not born when the number 3211 was displayed, to re-visit the memorial. Today the number was 5419. As I stood there this morning, with tears streaming down my face, Andrew took my hand and said, "Don't be sad, Papa", and then he smiled, let go,  and walked amidst the thousands of crosses on display.

Soon, I hope, the madness of this war will end and we can bring our men and women home again, alive. This short video is intended as a tribute to those we have lost.

I added a song, Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye, an Irish Folk song arranged by Alice Parker.  It is sung by the Ohlone Chamber Singers and was recorded in 2003.   

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