WinterIf you are buying or selling a home, you are or soon will be in the midst of a major life transition.  We all cope differently with life transitions and stressors.  One way to approach your own situation is to acknowledge that all of life's transitions are part of a continous Cycle of Renewal TM. In other words,  it's a normal process for all humans.  Being in the midst of a transition can also be a good time to stop and reflect on your life's priorities, and to be open to new opportunities and possibilities on the next step of your journey.  

Winter seems to be an especially good time for quiet reflection – to sit by the fire with a good book and a cat on your lap, and a cup of hot tea nearby.  Much like the seasons, our lives are ever-changing, and if we accept that fact, our vision will be clearer for the next steps we will take.

You shall ask, What good are dead leaves
And I will tell you, They nourish the sore earth.

You shall ask, What reason is there for winter
And I will tell you, To bring about new leaves.
You shall ask, Why are the leaves so green
And I will tell you, Because they are rich with life.
You shall ask why must summer end
And I will tell you, So that the leaves can die.

–  a poem by Nancy Wood

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