Beata-turtle The idea for this blog post was sparked when someone told me "Beata, no matter where you live, it will be a welcoming place."   I took that as a compliment, and then I was reminded of a book titled "Wherever you go, there you are," by Jon Kabat-Zin.  The book is about meditation and living with mindfulness, but the title suggests many more things to me. 

Kabat-Zin says "…that you carry your head and your heart, and what some would call your 'karma,' around with you."  I would also say that we carry our 'home' with us, somewhat like a turtle, but not so visible. 

After a recent move, I was surprised at how quickly our new 'house'  became 'home' to us.  One of the reasons, I believe, is that  our sense of home has a lot to do with spending time with family and friends.  The sesnse of home that we carry with us is one of sharing and hospitality.  We began almost immediately (on moving day) to invite our circle of family and friends to come for a visit.  And so, like little turtles, we have taken our home to a new location.  Our house became a home when we invited others to join us. 

What makes your house a home and how do you carry that with you?

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