With 2nd quarter foreclosures accounting for 25.8% of Twin Cities home sales (down from 27.6% first quarter 2008), a new search field has been added to the MLS database to find foreclosure listings. This captures bank-owned properties vs short sales, although sometimes both can be involved on the same property.

You can search for Twin Cities foreclosure properties using the Property Search (pictured below) on my website, www.HomesMSP.com.

To select Foreclosure properties, first click ‘Additional Search Criteria’ (circled in red on the left). That will open up additional search options, including ‘Foreclosure’ (also circled in red). You can also select other criteria as you can with any search. If you use the map search pictured below, the red dots show properties matching your search parameters. Placing your cursor over the dots gives basic information, and you can click through for more details on properties of interest.


Also note the blue circles at the top of the search page for additional search options in red…

  • Sold properties – find out what that house down the street sold for
  • Open houses – find out if that house you wanted to see is open
  • New developments – find out where to go for new construction
  • Lake property and outlying areas – includes Brainerd Lakes, Duluth/Superior, St. Cloud

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