There are tons of empty properties for sale…why bother with staging? Here are some reasons, from my perspective as a Realtor who works with a lot of buyers.

Staging shows it is not a foreclosure property

When you see an empty property on the market today often the first thought that comes to mind is ‘is this a foreclosure property’? Foreclosure properties are always empty, so staging your empty property immediately sets you apart. It shows you care about your property and sets expectations that it will be in better condition.

Online photos are more appealing

The Internet plays a huge role in today’s market. When searching online buyers have so many choices, staged properties usually have more appeal and are more likely to result in a showing.


Staging helps buyers visualize how they will use the space

Many people have a hard time visualizing how they will use a space. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, rooms often seem smaller with no furniture and it can be hard to imagine how furniture will fit.


An empty property may invite vandalism

With photos readily available online, people can identify empty properties…which can also invite vandalsim. If interior photos are omitted, buyers are frequently wary of the condition of the property and may choose not to visit those properties.

Staged properties are clean and move-in ready

For many busy buyers, move-in ready is a big determining factor in selecting a home…staged properties are clean and ready for the next owner. They also often command a higher price because they appear in better condition.

If you don’t have the time or resources to do your own staging, resources are available. The empty properties above were staged by TenderHeart Transitions…quickly and for less than you might think.

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