Transitions  occur throughout our lives, and often times also include changes in housing. For first-time homebuyers it’s often a transition from renting to owning your own home. Move-up buyers often need more space as their family needs grow. Then as children grow and move out needs change again. This empty nester stage often circles back and frequently includes downsizing.

Yesterday I was out looking (in the beautifully falling snow on the first day of spring!) with a couple who is planning to downsize. They plan to sell their stunning three-story historic Minneapolis home pictured below (insider tip!) and transition to something smaller.


In any transition, it is essential to think about the reasons for your move so your objectives are met. Equally important is identifying what it is that makes a home feel like home to you. Matching where you live with your unique sense of place can make a world of difference in how you feel about where you live, as well as in your whole sense of well-being.

As you prepare to move think about what you will be happy to say goodbye to in your current home… what you will miss… and what you are looking forward to in your new home. Keep in mind that you can make changes in the interior decor fairly easily, it’s harder to change the structure of a home… and that you can’t change where it’s located and what’s around you so that is vitally important. You have likely heard that the three most important things in real estate are location, location and location. Most often people are referring to property values and ease of re-sale, but equally important is its personal value to you while you are living there.

Most people know when they have found the right home for them…it just feels right. Every home has a buyer, it’s a matter of finding the home and location that has the right fit for you.

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